Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day! Bagl (who will be 5 at the end of the month) is going to tell you about some of his current favourite books to celebrate.

The Ultimate Book of Vehicles by Anne-Sophie Baumann and Didier Balicevic

A photo of The Ultimate Book of Vehicles

‘It has lots and lots of flaps and all the pictures are vehicles. There are bits you can turn round and move as well as the flaps. This is the construction bit and this is the crane and it goes up and down and you can pretend that it picks up things like heavy, heavy lifts. This is the ice cream van and these are all the different ice creams you can buy. This is the ambulance and this fireman is coming to rescue this boy. Then he goes back down. This fireman is putting the boy into the ambulance. This is the train and all these people are in different carriages and this is the driver. This is a car, this is the luggage. My favourite page is the page with the trains because I like all the trains.’

You Choose by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart

Photo of You Choose

‘You have to choose your favourite things that you like the most. You have to choose where you would like to go, your favourite people and where you would like to live. I like the apartment building. Everyone else has to choose their favourite things but the person who is reading it has to choose first. I like the doll’s house, the pillow, the clock. My favourite pages are the house page and the furniture page. You can choose what job you would like to do and I like the train driver, the fireman and the builder.’

Just Imagine by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart

Photo of Just Imagine

‘This book is about imagining things, you can imagine being so big that you need to fit your tea in some dump trucks or you could be that big to hold to an aeroplane. You could be small to live in a doll’s house or dance on a calculator. My favourite page is imagining being made differently, like being made of gingerbread, being a robot and being a balloon. You could travel back to see the dinosaurs. I like the machines page and my favourite one is the one that makes lifts. I like the underground station.’

Just Imagine book trailer (by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt) from Kane Miller Books on Vimeo.

There Are Cats in this Book by Viviane Schwarz

Photo of There Are Cats in This Book

‘It’s a funny book about cats. It’s funny because on one page they go ‘BIFF!’. It’s like the cats are talking to me and I like that. I like to look at the book by myself and read it with my grannies and grandads and my aunties and uncles too. My favourite page is the pillow fight page where they go ‘BIFF!’. The cats are a bit like my cats.’





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