Our Christmas book collection

Christmas books

Every so often people ask me for my Christmas picture book recommendations, or just want to know which ones we’ve got, so I thought I’d put them into a post for easy reference. It’s a growing collection, every Christmas I note down ones that take my fancy and either borrow them from the library or buy a couple throughout the year. Sometimes we get to review them too, or people give them to Bagl as gifts. Here’s our list:

We also have a copy of Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs on the way. Where do I find out about good Christmas books? Mainly fellow book bloggers, but I also see things via Twitter, the Guardian or personal recommendation. I love to read tygertale’s book advent calendar every year and discover all sorts of books old and new that way. Playing by the Book, Read It Daddy, Story Snug, and Library Mice are also great for finding good books. In fact these book blogs are not just for Christmas, read them all year round!

What festive books do you enjoy?


2 thoughts on “Our Christmas book collection

  1. Wow, I thought we had a lot of Christmas books! Most of our Christmas books are religious but we do have some secular Christmas stories. One of my personal favourites is ‘A Letter For Bear’ by David Lucas, we’ve borrowed it from the library the past two years, I did mean to buy a copy this year but ran out of time and money! It’s a really lovely story, thoroughly recommend it.


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